1.    WE greater than Me. KINGDOM

We believe the attitude of WE greater than me is ultimately the heart of God.  Jesus demonstrated this concept by laying down His life (me) for us (WE).  While the Kingdom of God is supposed to impact me, it was never intended to be all about me.  It is actually supposed to be about WE.  Your life is supposed to be lived in a way that makes a difference in WE. What would Charlotte look like if people truly began to live life from the perspective that WE is truly greater than ME?          

2.    WE are people people. Period. PURPOSE

Jesus came to earth for one reason—PEOPLE!  He loved people and ultimately demonstrated His love for people by laying down His life for them.  As followers of Christ, we will be people who are all about people. We filter every idea, preference, program, and budget request through this idea. If what we plan doesn’t help us reach people, then we don’t do it, because for us it all starts and stops with people. We are people who are all about people—PERIOD.

3.    WE believe the best. LOVE

We are determined to be a church that will demonstrate our love for God by our love for others.  We will be unified in love, fighting to protect that unity at all costs by striving to not gossip, complain, or talk about others.  While this can be challenging we are determined to see people as God sees them and treat every individual with the love of God regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they may look like, or even how they may treat us.     

4.    WE walk the second mile. SERVICE 

Jesus taught us that if someone asks you to walk one mile with them, you don’t just walk the first mile, you walk the second with them as well.  It is a call to serve others above and beyond what is asked or expected. That is our heart, to serve the people in our church and in our city in a way that exceeds expectation and honors God.     

5.    WE get out of the boat. FAITH

It’s often remembered that Jesus walked on water, but many forget that Peter also walked on water.  In faith, Peter believed that the power of God was supposed to impact his life and allow him to do things others couldn’t and stepped outside of the comfortable and familiar place of the boat.  In that same spirit of faith, we will get out of the boat and step into the situations of our everyday lives with faith believing that God has empowered us to do the impossible.      

6.   WE build according to plan. DESIGN  

We believe that God intended for life to be lived by design and not by default.  God has a plan and purpose for every person and it is our desire to help people find and build their lives according to His plan.

7.    WE balance the beam. BALANCE

We are called to be people who have victory in spirit, soul and body. Jesus did not come so people could simply have church, but that they may have life. The Kingdom of God is supposed to impact every area of your life.

8.    WE are Sam. Sam I am. KIDS

Just as the prophet Samuel was called by God to anoint David the next king of Israel, we believe it is our job to call out the God given potential in the next generation. We will invest heavily in our youth and children with our time, programs, and resources. Leaving an inheritance for our children’s children isn’t just about what we leave to them financially, but what we leave in them spiritually. 

9.    WE play with fire. WORSHIP

We believe worship is the will of God for His people and that God inhabits the praises of His people. We are determined to be people that passionately worship God with both our lips and our lives, bringing Him Glory in all we do. In the words of David, we will become even more undignified than this.

10. WE roll the toothpaste. SACRIFICE

Have you ever tried to roll the toothpaste tube just to squeeze an extra drop out?  Ever tried to cut the top just to get more out? Our prayer is that God would roll the tubes of our lives and perform spiritual surgery on our hearts, in order to get every ounce of anointing, gifting, and glory out of our lives. We will give all the we have and all that we are to be used by God to make a difference in our world.

11. WE sweat the small stuff. EXCELLENCE

Often, the difference is in the details.  It is our desire to make sure we strive for excellence in all that we do and all that we are, because if there is any cause worthy of excellence it is the Kingdom of God.

12. WE cannot be defeated and we will not quit. RELENTLESS

The Christian life was never intended to be lived in defeat, but rather in victory.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t face challenges in our lives, but we take heart knowing that in Christ we overcome the things of this world.  With that attitude of victory we relentlessly pursue God’s will and purpose for our lives, no matter what may come our way.  We will not be moved because we were born to overcome.